Code of Conduct

BEAMIN' SOUNDS Entertainment strives to make each performance our best. We treat
every event with the highest professional courtesy and attention that it deserves. To ensure this, we have written a code of conduct for our staff, many of these standards guard against complaints people have about unprofessional DJ services, we have never experienced any problems in the past, and these standards help to protect our future!

Appearance must always be professional and clean cut!
Hair must be neat (preferably short) Men with mustaches and/or beards must keep them short and neatly trimmed. All other men must be clean-shaven.

Earrings (if worn) must be small and unobtrusive. Body rings (other than earrings) are not permitted

Short skirts or "skimpy" outfits are not permitted. Shorts are generally not
permitted (unless told otherwise).

Behavior and attitude are professional at all times!

NEVER complain, or make excuses.
DON'T Drink alcohol, or smoke at your event. (outside -out of site only when permitted)
Do not hit on hosts, guests or staff

We do not play music with foul language, or that is overly sexually explicit. We will not play music that is demeaning to anyone, or that promotes violence, or substance abuse.

Do NOT accept tips from guests for playing specific songs or doing specific things. Respond to the guest by saying "We'll be happy to play any appropriate requests that you have." "Our client has provided for all your music requests"
You may receive a tip for the entire performance but not for individual songs.

NEVER use any kind of foul language, off-color humor, or racist language while at the venue (including during setup and breakdown). This includes making negative comments about anyone's choice of music. Our parties must be friendly to families of all ages, races, religions, sexes, etc. Even if a guest uses this type of language, we must not.

Always be friendly, open, and respectful to guests, clients, and any other professional staff at the event (even if one of these people are being abusive to us).

Cooperate with staff. If the banquet manager requests something that is at odds with the customer, we will try and work it out between them.


These standards help to ensure that our clients consistently get the professional service they deserve.

Owner/DJ Brent Powley
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